National Energy Board

MacKenzie Gas Project, Volumes 1 and 2


I was contracted by McAra Printing to design and produce a comprehensive document for the National Energy Board (NEB)—two volumes in both English and French, for the MacKenzie Gas Project, Reasons for Decision.

I was required to work with design comps that had been produced by an agency which had completed initial sample design covers and spreads, and the supporting maps and graphics.  By the time I started on the project, NEB ’s content for the book, after several rewrites, was structured differently from the nature of the original layout and designs.

Over a five week period, I guided NEB through the redesign required to accommodate actual content and photography. I sourced the photography from imagery provided by NEB and did extensive photo-retouching to make them print acceptable. I also built additional graphs and maps, as required.

To streamline the process, I became McAra’s lead project manager, dealing directly with NEB, while keeping McAra’s account director in the loop. 

In this time, I produced the complete layouts for both English and French versions of the 78-page Volume 1, and the English version of the 310-page Volume 2.