2010 Annual Report

In 2010, despite its consistent, steady profitable growth to shareholders and focus on a consistent strategy, Enbridge found itself having to defend its operations amid protesters and anti-oil sentiment from detractors and extremists.

The notion of Enbridge from an investment perspective as something you can “count on” rang true of its operations from the point of North American consumers who count on Enbridge 24 hours a day to deliver energy.

The Energy You Count On, a powerful platform for investors and the general public alike, became the theme for Enbridge’s 2010 Annual Report.

Karo Group contracted me to design this book. Graphically, I wanted to create a sense of continuum throughout the entire book that would support the ‘around the clock’ story. Horizontal bands created with either a varnish or a tint was a device that formed the grid for the book, and starting from the cover, allowed for display type, key stats, locator maps and captions to ‘slide‘ along the grid from spread to spread. In the front end of the book, these elements floated above arresting photography that illustrated and supported the stories and key messaging. This device was carried through the CEO’s letter and into the financials, where the varnish was converted to a tint. 

Enbridge won Best in Class for Editorial and Graphic Design Execution at the 2011 Oilweek/ATB Financial Annual Report Awards. They also won an Award of Excellence for Corporate Reporting in Real Estate/Utilities and Pipelines at the CICA Corporate Reporting Awards 2011.